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First Aid

When you get hurt, injured, or stung, it is helpful to have ready and available access to some immediate materials such as balms, antiseptics, bandages, bandaids, and icepacks.  These are usually reffered to as a first aid kit.  While standard first aid kits are supplied by regular items, you can replaced those with more superior ones that will work better.  If you are searching for first aid supplies online, then you will be happy to see our collection of products from reputed brands like Burts Bees and Badger.  

If you want to buy first aid supplies, then you can add our unique items like insect repelling wristband, which comes in multiple colors.  One of the best ways to protect yourself from disease during flu season is to make sure you thoroughly cleanse your hands.  We have high quality, herbal hand sanitizers that clean well, yet are gentle on your hands.  Also, we have anti bug balm and sprays, and these are useful if you are spending a lot of time outdoors either exercising, camping, trekking , or hunting.  

Rather than using creams and sprays with harsh chemicals that may cause damage to your skin, use the natural products available on Surrey Natural, we promise you will love them.  

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