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Personal Care

Welcome to our personal care section! This part of the web store is full of a plethora of useful natural personal care products that you will be delighted to use.  We have lots of amazing products from big name brands including Badger, Burt’s Bees, Feather, Gables, Gigi, and Merkur etc.  As we all know personal care is very important. We groom ourselves to make sure we appear presentable to the world.  This involves taking care of our general hygiene like daily cleansing while showering using soap, ear wax removal, brushing teeth, cleaning tongue, combing hair, and changing clothes etc.  

Our organic personal care products are designed to provide you with a natural alternative to the high chemical products that you might be using.  Our products are safe, gentle on the body, yet they do the job in an effective manner.  We have so many options to choose from and you can get things like glycerine soap, Beeswax lip balm, Natural anti bug balm, Sunscreen, Natural blemish removal, Tongue cleaners, Foot Spa, Razors, Posture support.

Personal care products for women are very popular on our site, and have tweezers, black head removers, eyelash curlers, diva menstrual cup, reusable menstrual pads, lip balms, heel repair creams, natural moisturizers, organic exfoliator, facial scrub, shampoo, conditioner, and gift packs as well.   

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2 Packs of 10 Blades Extremely Sharp, Smooth and Comfortable Highest quality Japanese blades ..
$19.99 $12.00
Glycerine Shave Soap Contains: Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Net Weight 2.25 oz and 2.5 inch..
AquaRug is a carpet made uniquely for the shower or tub. Enjoy the luxury of invigorating, loofah-li..
Fast Relief for Muscle Pain & Stiffness Maximum Strength Non-Greasy Absorbs Quickly S..
Description Natural Stress Relief Discreet Mouth Spray Fast Acting A Homeopathic Remed..
$22.59 $16.27
DEET free Contains essential oils: citronella, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary and geranium ..
Less whitening and more moisturizing  Protects using only uncoated, non-nano Zinc Oxide in..
2 1/2" diameter by 1" Tall Bay rum glycerine shave soap  Contains avocado oil and vitami..
Bay rum glycerine shave soap  Contains avocado oil and vitamin E 2 1/2" diameter by 1" T..
Soothing, cooling, and refreshing  Natural lip balm loaded with coconut and sunflower..
Advanced collagen generator Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Thickens and strengthens hair; st..
$35.99 $28.79
2.6 oz gel Neck, Back, Shoulder & Leg Muscle Pain & Stiffness Swelling from mino..
Each Box contains 14 earplugs (7 pairs). You will receive 3 Boxes. (21 pairs total) Disposable ..
The most effective solution for Razor Bumps (also known as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae or PFB), Razor ..
Product Dimension 2 1/2" Diameter by 1" Tall Net Weight 2.25 oz each  3 - Bay Rum Scent ..
Serving Size:Diva Cup Model 1 is for Pre-Childbirth and/or Under 30 Years of Age.The DivaCup is appr..
Serving Size: Diva Cup Model 2 is for Post-Childbirth and/or Over 30 Years of AgeThe DivaCup..
Not animal tested 100% Vegan 100% Biodegradable No Detergents No Foaming Agents Pepp..
Does not contain any Aluminum, fragrance, colorings, cream, oil or alcohol. Environmental-frien..
Dr.Tungs Smart Floss dental floss is clinically proven to be more effective than regular floss. ..