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Vaxa Attend Strategy Pack (Attend, Memorin & Extress)

Vaxa Attend Strategy Pack (Attend, Memorin & Extress)
Brand: Vaxa
Product Code: 501
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  • Helps with excessive distraction, overactivity, and inattentiveness 

  • Vaxa Attend Strategy Pack for Attention Deficit Disorder is an all natural nutritional support for those individuals experiencing distraction, inattentiveness and possible overactivity

Vaxa Attend Strategy Pack is a combination of homeopathic medicinals, that addresses attention, tension, and memory without side effects. The pack contains three multi dimensional formulations which incorporate homeopathic remedies as well as herbal and nutritional base ingredients. These products are safe for children and adults and were selected to naturally support the body's ability to address focus, support clear thinking, and help the body during periodic bouts of stress and nervousness. 

  • Attend is formulated to supply the essential nutrients the body needs for the entire neural network

  • Memorin provides nutritional support to aid the body in memory retention, making learning easier and with less frustration

  • Extress aids the body's natural process in minimizing and controlling unpredictable mood fluctuations



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