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Houston Enzymes AFP-Peptizyde, 90 Veggie Capsules

Houston Enzymes AFP-Peptizyde, 90 Veggie Capsules
Brand: Houston Enzymes
Product Code: 2010
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  • High Potency Enzyme Combination for Digestion of Food Protein

  • High Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP IV) Activity

  • Increases Breakdown of Casein, Gluten, Soy Protein

  • Safe, non-toxic alternative or supplement to GFCF Diet

  • Capsules or chewable tablets 

AFP-Peptizyde (Advanced Formula Protease) was developed in response to customer requests for a high DPP IV-containing enzyme product that did not include fruit-based enzymes such as papain or bromelain. Like the original Peptizyde (which did contain papain), AFP-Peptizyde is a combination of three different proteolytic enzymes isolated from fungal plant sources. Each enzyme has a unique set of peptide bonds it prefers to break, so the combination of these enzymes allows much more efficient means of quickly and thoroughly breaking down (hydrolyzing) proteins to its smaller components.

The enzymes in AFP-Peptizyde work only on food proteins, not carbohydrates, fats, or other compounds, and do not interfere with medications or other supplements. Appetite may increase as well as showing more interest in other types of foods. AFP-Peptizyde may allow for re-introduction of dairy and wheat products to the diet without abnormal behaviors occurring. Benefits from AFP-Peptizyde do vary with each individual and may be affected by other supplements and diet. Other supplements, especially vitamin and minerals, may be decreased in amount or frequency of dosing as more nutrition is derived from diet with enzymes.

AFP-Peptizyde is recommended for high protein diets and athletic training; and dosage may be increased for those meals that are higher in meat protein.

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