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Cellfood Multivitamin 1oz

Cellfood Multivitamin 1oz
Brand: Lumina
Product Code: 215
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Cellfood MultiVitamin 100% RDA Formula is provided in a very convenient— and highly biologically active— oral spray form. By providing the vitamin nutrients in this form, we've been able to increase absorption into the bloodstream significantly. Instead of less than 20% delivery to the blood stream with pills— and other conventional non-liquid delivery— an oral spray may effectively deliver 90% or more to the cells.

It utilizes another extremely advanced and unique technology: a new laser process for nutrient enhancement that can be used to restore molecules to a shape the body can use more efficiently— resulting in greater bioavailability. Even very pure manufactured nutritional supplements are often subject to processes that can cause numerous random distortions of nutrient shape. Enzymes are highly shape-sensitive in order to 'fit' with other nutrients. When the body receives a nutrient in a wide range of random shapes, some will fit and many others will not. The nutrients that don't fit will either be excreted or broken down into useless compounds. This remarkable laser technology has the ability to restore molecules to their optimum nutritional shape. The net effect of resonant laser stimulation is molecules that are consistent in shape— the optimum shape— from molecule to molecule.

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