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Light Relief System + Extra Large Body Pad

Light Relief System + Extra Large Body Pad
Brand: Light Relief
Product Code: 3025
Availability: In Stock
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  • Relieves pain through natural infrared light therapy
  • Aids in the relaxation of muscles
  • Helps provide a temporary improved range and freedom of motion due to muscle relaxation and temporary minor pain relief
  • Provides a temporary increase in blood circulation
Extra large pad (11"x7") with attached plug-in cord
Light Relief Battery Operated Unit
Adjustable Hands Free Strap
Light Relief Guide
Light Relief Body Band
Travel Bag
2 Years Warranty

How Does Light Relief Work?

Light Relief uses infrared LEDs to create a powerful stream of warm therapeutic light that penetrates deep into your body. Unlike regular heat from heating pads, infrared light therapy has the ability to reach deep within human tissue, essentially warming muscles and joints from the inside. The penetrating light therapy of Light Relief increases circulation while relieving minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness where and when you need it.

The innovative and compact design of Light Relief Light Therapy is durable, lightweight and portable. It goes anywhere, and fits in the palm of your hand. By removing the comfort pad you can flex Light Relief to fit every curve of your body.
Components of Your Light Relief Light Therapy:

The Light Relief product consists of a hand-held base unit and a flexible light pad. The hand-held base unit houses the main circuitry, a graphic display, button controls, and batteries. The Light Pad contains an array of 59 colored and infrared light emitting diodes, or LEDs (24 infrared, 31 red, and 4 blue). The LEDs emit a gentle stream of soothing energy in four frequency settings. The Light Relief also contains a heat button, which can be turned on and off, as desired for your comfort.

The Extra Large Pad for Light Relief Therapy contains an array of 60 colored and infrared LEDs, or light emitting diodes (28 infrared, 28 red, and 4 blue). These LEDs emit a gentle stream of soothing energy. To use the Extra Large Pad, simply plug in the attached cord into the original Light Relief unit, and apply the pad to your body.

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