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New Chapter Supercritical Sinus & Respiratory, 30 Softgels

New Chapter Supercritical Sinus & Respiratory, 30 Softgels
Brand: New Chapter
Product Code: 455
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  • 30 Softgels

  • Serving Size: One softgel

  • 30 Servings Per Container

OREGANO One of nature's most important immune defenders, containing according to the USDA, at least 36 supportive constituents including the antioxidant compound carvacrol.*GARLIC Supercritical extract delivers the broadest spectrum of nature's most effective immuno-supportive organosulphur molecules.*ECHINACEA Combination of Potency Assured angustifolia and purpurea extracts synergize to optimally modulate and enhance healthy immune response.*ELDERBERRY Israeli research has demonstrated significant potential of this fruit extract's components to support healthy immune function.*GOLDENSEAL Long history of use in traditional medicine for its treasured immune-supportive benefits.*MYRRH Traditionally combined with goldenseal and shown to possess novel immunoactive compounds.ANDROGRAPHIS Asian herb extract prized for its ability to modulate immune function with its unique Potency Assured compounds called andrographolides.*GREEN TEA A rich source of safe and effective compounds, like polyphenols, valued for countering unfriendly flora and balancing the immune system.*ASTRAGALUS Revered Chinese herb valued in traditional medicine for immune support and in modern research for enhancing Natural Killer Cell activities.*SALICIN COMBINATION: WINTERGREEN, MEADOWSWEET, and PURPLE WILLOW. Natural sources of salicylic acid and other important phytocompounds to promote comfort during the cold and flu season.*MELISSA Rich in antioxidant flavonoid compounds to reduce damage caused by free-radical stress*GINGER Long revered for its immune supportive effects to the chest and throat, recent British research shows at least 12 phytocompounds with immune-defensive benefits.*EUCALYPTUS Time honored remedy to improve respiration and support normal immune functions.*PEPPERMINT Time tested remedy for soothing the digestive system and countering unfriendly flora.*

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