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Gaia Herbs Lactation Support, 60 Liquid Phyto-Capsules

Gaia Herbs Lactation Support, 60 Liquid Phyto-Capsules
Brand: Gaia Herbs
Product Code: 2411
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  • Optimizes healthy lactation

  • Enhances nutrition in breast milk

  • Promotes lactation

  • Formulated for women who are breastfeeding to promote lactation

  • Supports production of Breast milk

Gaia Herbs Lactate Support optimizes healthy lactation. An ample supply of breast milk is critical for the health of your nursing child. Made with certified organic herbs, Gaia Herbs Lactate Support promotes healthy lactation and optimal nutrient composition of breast milk. Herbs in Gaia Herbs Lactate Support, such as Fenugreek and Red Raspberry Leaf, contain naturally occurring B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Beta-Carotene. Gaia Herbs Lactate Support ensures a gently nutritive blend

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