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Poof Toilet Deodorizer

Poof Toilet Deodorizer
Brand: KStreet, LLC
Product Code: 1082
Availability: In Stock
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  • Share your bathroom with no embarassment!

  • Amazing, one or two drops and only leave the a subtle Japanese mint scent!

  • There is hundreds of uses in each bottle.

  • Great for when you have to use someone elses bathroom!!

  • Safe for septic tanks! Not purfumy!!

POOF toilet deodorizer that will provide a new way of "doing your business". This is an AMAZING product that will eliminate your bathroom smell, just put one or two drops of POOF into your toilet before "doing your business" and the only smell will be a subtle mint aroma!! Keep one in each bathroom, and it is perfect when traveling or using other people's bathroom!! This is not a purfume! Each .5 oz container contains about 400 drops. That's a lot of business!!

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