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Mercola Miracle Whey Chocolate Protein Powder 3 Pack

Mercola Miracle Whey Chocolate Protein Powder 3 Pack
Brand: Mercola
Product Code: 3329
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  • Supports your immune health*

  • Boosts your energy*

  • Supports your joint and muscle health*

  • Promotes your muscle strength, endurance and recovery*

  • Supports your body's optimal metabolic rate and fat burning level*

3 pack of chocolate Miracle Whey. Body builders, athletes and active people everywhere are drinking more protein shakes than ever... even when they don't taste all that great. Dieters looking to lose those extra pounds fast are replacing daily candy bars with protein bars... even when they taste more like sawdust than sweets. People of all shapes and sizes and activity levels from teens to retirees are beginning to finally understand the value of protein in their daily diet. So, what's all the buzz about? Protein is an essential part of *every* cell in your entire body. Helps build and repair your body's tissues Assists in making enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals vital for optimal health Is the necessary building block of your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood ... even your hair and nails are made mostly of protein! Protein is a "macronutrient." Other macronutrients include fat and carbohydrates. Your body needs macronutrients to stay healthy. Compared to relatively small amount of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that your body requires, you need macronutrients (and lots of them) every day to stay well. The main difference between protein, versus fats & carbs, is that your body cannot store protein. Regretfully, we know the same can't be said about fat! So, what does this mean to you? If you want to take advantage of protein's incredible health-enhancing benefits, you need a daily diet that is rich in them.

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